Creation of centralized warranty administration brings crucial advantages for manufacturers and their customers

CrossWorld Warranty will offer a simple to use centralized warranty service data bank for all purchases
Manufacturers will have the opportunity to get rid of the painful “Warranty Card & Instruction Manual” issue, plus have access to various product/customer report data, and the resulting ability to leverage customer buying patterns and product history into personally tailored sales pitches
CrossWorld Warranty will provide companies with easy access to the history of all warranted items sold around the globe. After only couple of years of operation, companies all over the world are expected to participate with customers requesting the services of CWW


CrossWorld Warranty will offer people around the globe a unique centralized warranty service for all products that they ever buy from most of the worlds' major companies
Warranty information will be recorded automatically into a global database during the purchase
The consumer will be able to access his/her personal data bank on the web. The internet interface will utilize all types of communications (Web, voice call, chat, etc.)

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