CrossWorld Warranty will offer free services for consumers – the manufacturers will be charged per unit, other services free


Registration of purchase/warranty information

Consumers can easily track all their warranty issues for all of their purchased items from web based interface

Control over warranty

Consumers can easily track their product warranty history and status online and through call-center

Proof of ownership for insurance/police

The history is kept in one database, can be used as proof of ownership/database or against fraud


Warranty registration at
point of sale

Warranty will be registered electronically at CrossWorld Warranty POS terminal at any retail outlet selling warranted products

Customer purchasing history database

Manufactures will receive access to very detailed and rounded customer purchasing history database with all possible analysis tools for sales and marketing purposes

Outsourced warranty administration and instruction manual handling

Manufacturers will have the opportunity to get rid of cumbersome “Warranty Card & Instruction Manual” issues, outsourcing registration and client administration

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